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Welcome to my simple blog, my name is Boy (m4nic) Maas, I am an entrepeneur, programmer, designer, philosopher, concept designer, AI enthousiast, vim, chess, martial arts and music lover who is currently running around in the Netherlands. Programming languages I really digg are: haskell, scheme, ruby, python, clojure, perl, lisp, C/C++, assembler.

I own a small Dutch development studio located in Den Haag, founded in March 1998 with the continuing goal of creating innovative, exciting network-based concepts. Since 1999, we have completed projects for almost a dozen clients such as popular brands like Voetbal International, Coca-Cola, Sponsorloterij; media groups like Dutch newspaper venture De Telegraaf ; and telecommunications operator Telfort BV (when it still belonged to British Telecom).

Take a look at an overview of some of the projects I have completed, read (some or all of) my posts, or check (some or all of) my code at github to learn more about "moi" and what keeps me busy. Feel free to contact me at boy.maas (at) in regards of this blog or anything else except ofcourse spam.

The most obvious common ‘personality’ characteristics of hackers are high intelligence, consuming curiosity, and facility with intellectual abstractions. Also, most hackers are ‘neophiles’, stimulated by and appreciative of novelty (especially intellectual novelty). Most are also relatively individualistic and anti-conformist.
Eric S. Raymond, The Jargon File

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